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....Kaigai Fine Wine Asia Ltd accepts consignments for both our spring and fall auctions. .. ご出品までの手順 ....


As one of Japan’s oldest auction houses, Kaigai has been focused on fine wines since the company began in 1962 and has been hosting wine auctions since 2000. Kaigai Fine Wine Asia offers expertise and access to fine and rare wines, all of which have been held in pristine cellars since its release.

Our experienced team of specialists can provide accurate valuations and estimates for your wines, and in most cases, a member of our team will arrange to meet with you to assess the wines prior to consignment.

All the wines must be delivered to Kaigai’s wine facility at least 30 days prior to the auction in order for the wines to undergo final inspection. Our team can help to organize the logistics in order for the wines to be shipped in us. The consignor will be responsible for the packing, shipping and insurance charges.

For sold lots, Kaigai will send payment to the consignor within 45 days from the date of sale, provided that the buyer’s payment has been received. The payment to the consignor will be based upon the hammer price less the seller’s commission and any other agreed-upon expenses.

For lots with a reserve price, failure to reach the reserve price will result in the wine not being sold at auction. Consignors will have the option to take back the wines, relist the wines at a later auction, or arrange to have the wines sold the Kaigai’s direct sales department. Any charges such as shipping and other expenses that have been agreed previously will be invoiced within 7 days of the date of sale and for unsold lots, the reserve price will be used for calculating certain fees.

Please contact us for more information regarding selling of fine wines with Kaigai. 


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